The Wall Street Journal’s DC bureau is great for history buffs.

Costco marking Xbox One down an extra $30+free game. / on Instagram

Today’s front page: Facebook jumps into high end games, buying Oculus VR / on Instagram

Haha! Fantastic. / on Instagram

Being a tourist. A yummy tourist. / on Instagram

Look what I found! Mike Mika’s “Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition” (at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade)

The line for Sony’s announcement an hour and a half before it begins. / on Instagram

It’s happened: a Tesla limo. Welcome to San Francisco. / on Instagram

I’m told this guy is sabre fencer. Clearly missed his calling. / on Instagram

Great day traveling to the Farallon Islands! / on Instagram

A stack of about 50 Xbox One consoles at Costco. Watched for 10 min, not one was taken. / on Instagram

How warm is it in San Francisco? The cherry blossoms are blooming. In January. / on Instagram

I had no hope. Lost twice. #cribbage #smarterwife / on Instagram

This little gem was hidden in a cabinet. One of my mother’s favorite ways to drink coffee before she got sick. / on Instagram